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On the face of it, our workshops are primarily aimed at students and educators, but in reality our workshops can be tailored for many different situations and contexts such as corporate team-building, libraries, events, conferences and more. All workshops are entirely flexible and can be run with various ages and competencies - no experience required. Workshops are online or in person and can be single sessions, half/full day or longer depending on the project, budget and time available. We recommend an information gathering conversation first to discuss your interests and requirements. From there, we develop and suggest projects and lessons to suit your needs. All of our workshops incorporate design thinking, creative problem solving, imagination, innovation, invention, tinkering and exploration of processes, systems and spaces.

How do I book?

  • Explore the workshops and choose the one you’d like to book.

  • Click on the “Make an Enquiry” button.

  • Fill out the form and we will contact you to confirm pricing, date and details

Good to know

  • No special software is required to view Online workshops.

  • We won't be able to see you, you just watch us and follow along as we build the project together.

  • You can chat with us after the Live Stream finishes to ask any questions or comments.

  • We try to use common household objects as often as we can for projects. In cases where this isn’t possible, we supply a MakerKit to you.

How does it work?
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