• Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all events are happening online this year. We sincerely hope to see you in person next year!

  • These workshops are all Live Streamed. (We will be using YouTube to stream. A link will be sent before the event)

  • Please ensure you have all materials ready and to hand prior to the LiveStream.

  • You do not need a camera or microphone on your device and we will not be able to view you.

  • You will be able to see us and follow along with the build of the project.

  • All workshops are 60 minutes or less.

  • All workshops are entirely free and funded by your local Library.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us either by phone or email.

MakerMeet IE have partnered with dlr Libraries to offer 6 events for Cruinniú na nÓg 2021. Events will run from Wednesday 9th June 2021 to Saturday 12th June. Please see below for details.

All Events will be LiveStreamed via YouTube. (See links below)

Simple household materials will be required for each event and 2 Events will require MakerKits which can be posted directly to you - “Paper Circuits” and “Movable Magnetic Monsters”. Please email chris@makermeet.ie for further details.

Superhero Flyer.png

Wednesday 9th June • 10.30am

Superhero Flyer

LiveStream URL: https://youtu.be/k4uqKIjEQtQ

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Superhero A5 Template, glue stick, straw, colouring pencils / pens / crayons

NOTE: Superhero A5 Template can be downloaded from here: DOWNLOAD 

Jovial Juggling.png

Wednesday 9th June • 12.00pm

Jovial Juggling

LiveStream URL: https://youtu.be/t0rOl894-jM

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Balls and a bit of space! (Tennis balls are ideal, a sliotar would be OK, but a bit hard)

Eco Sculpture.png

Thursday 10th June • 11.00am

Eco Sculpture

LiveStream URL: https://youtu.be/DxuPuHzVe1A

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Small, empty, clean water bottle with label removed, hairdryer, small amounts of disposable waste.

Lets Fly!.png

Friday 11th June • 11.00am

Let’s Fly!

LiveStream URL: https://youtu.be/H5S9C8s131w

MATERIALS REQUIRED: A4 paper, tape, scissors, a few straws, space to fly!

Paper Circuit.png

Saturday 12th June • 11.00

Paper Circuits

LiveStream URL: https://youtu.be/SrJEJEVX3DU

REQUIRED MATERIALS: MakerKit (posted to you), tape, pencil

Movable Magnetic Monster.png

Saturday 12th June • 13.00

Movable Magnetic Monsters

LiveStream URL: https://youtu.be/WL0kAdxQvmo

REQUIRED MATERIALS: MakerKit (posted to you), glue stick, colouring pencils / pens / crayons