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Science Week Workshop List - 2021

*MakerKit Required

Make a Scrappy Circuit*

Participants will learn how to make a simple circuit from common household materials. They will make an LED light up, then introduce a switch to turn it on and off!

Make a Paper Circuit*

In this workshop, participants must create a circuit, to light an LED in a lighthouse - all on paper! This is a fantastic project for students to make cards that light up and introduces them to basic circuitry. The project is easy to recreate and very good for occasions, holidays and special days.

Make Cardboard Creations*

Using special reusable Scru’s and child-friendly tools, students can follow along with us as we show you how to make a variety of different objects such as buildings, robots and more! All you need is to provide your own cardboard!

Make Sound Experiments

“Life and love go on, let the music play.” - Johnny Cash

Come join us to experiment with sound by sharing a piano, making songs, looking at rhythm, harmonics & strings, changing your voice, drawing music using abstract art to make sound and more!

Make Movable Magnetic Monsters*

Have your students cut, colour and build their own Monster! Then add magnets and joints so it can move and stick to metal objects. Get students to see what the monster will stick to with the magnets.

Make a Rocket

Join us to make very simple but highly effective mini rockets! These rockets can be launched over 30 feet! Only basic materials will be needed for this experiment which can be done easily in the classroom. We will explore energy, distance and more in this exciting and fun experiment.

Paper Tower Challenge

Using just 10 sheets of A4 paper and a 100g bag of rice… participants will try to build the tallest tower they can to support the weight. Only one small caveat... no tape, glue, staples or anything to hold the paper together!

Cup Stacking Challenge

Grab 10 cups and a friend to help in this co-operative activity. Participants must stack 10 (or more!) cups on top of each other... but are not allowed to touch the cups! How, you may ask? Come find out in this interesting engineering challenge.

Balloon Racing

Get some string, straws, balloons and breath! Investigate friction, force, propulsion and more with this simple experiment! Try racing against other classmates or see if you can pop a balloon with enough force!

Quick Code a Game

Join us to code a playable game in less than 60 minutes! Participants only need a device to learn how to code and play a game - which they can then edit afterwards!

Build a Geodesic Dome*

Participants will build a free standing Geodesic Dome made entirely from straws and connectors. The Dome can be taken apart and rebuilt as well as covered to make an igloo and many other objects! (Lego compatible!)

Build A Catapult*

Participants will build and use their own working catapult from basic materials to put together your own desk-sized catapult. This can be reused and rebuilt to make your own different versions. Change elements of the catapult to test the power, distance, height and throw.

Build a Hovercraft*

Students will put together a simple hovercraft powered by breath alone! Explore air pressure, weight and thrust as well as race your creations and see how far they can go!

How Powerful are You?

In this interactive workshop, participants will calculate their own power rating! Pupils will exert energy by moving a force through a set distance in a race against the stopwatch. They will learn about energy, work and power, and finally use simple calculations to work out their own power rating.

Have a Heart!

Participants will create a simple model to explore the role of heart valves in preventing blood from flowing the wrong way. They will then use their knowledge to build a model representing the blood flow into and out of a chamber of the heart, demonstrating how blood is pumped through the chamber to/from the body. 

Introduction to 3D Modelling

This workshop introduces students to the world of 3D modelling. The only requirement is patience and a computer. See how your creations can look as Blocks (Minecraft) and Bricks (Lego)!

Introduction to 3D Printing

An introduction to the basics of 3D printing. Watch this demonstration and time-lapse of actual prints, see the process and get a deeper insight into this simple manufacturing process.

CyberSense & Sensibility

A practical talk on internet security, safety, activities and conduct. People often wonder how to keep their data safe - we’ll discuss many ways to do this, but always remember there is no give without take. We instinctively allow our agreement to use any data we submit to a variety of different places for a variety of reasons. Passwords, ethical hacking, deep search data and more will be discussed in this 60 minute talk.

Explore the Microscopic World

We always see the world around us - from news to our own local environment. But what about the other world that lives just under our noses? (Sometimes literally!) See the microscopic world in full HD detail! Figure out what a variety of objects are in this fun and engaging lesson.


  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, most events are happening online this year.

  • These workshops are all Live Streamed. (We will be using YouTube to stream. A link will be sent before the event)

  • Please let us know if you would like to do an in-person workshop!

  • Please ensure you have all materials ready and to hand prior to the LiveStream.

  • For Live Streamed Workshops - you do not need a camera or microphone on your device and we will not be able to view you.
  • You will be able to see us and follow along with the build of the project.

  • All workshops are 60 minutes or less.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us either by phone or email.