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Stop Motion Part 2

What do you need:

  1. An Idea!

  2. A device to capture the idea

  3. Software on the device

  4. Patience

1. The Idea!

Look around you, what do you see, now make it move. Anything, what’s the first thing that grabs your eye. Keep it simple.

2. A Device

Mobile phone or Tablet, as long it has a camera on it and the ability to install apps you should be good to go.

3. Software

The software I’ve started using is called Stop Motion Studio because it’s free (in app purchase for add-in but I haven’t paid for anything yet) this is a great app because as you get more advanced your app can grow with you.

The App is very straight forward to use, a record button, a film strip along the bottom to see how many shots you’ve taken and some other tools but for now all you need is the record button to take the picture and the film strip.

4. Patience

Stop Motion (and any video related items) take TIME! This is important but once you get into it you’ll lose yourself in the story you’re telling. The simpler the project the more fun you’ll have, let’s not forget this is about the fun.

Below is the best example of a good plan, keep your idea simple and your moves short, what am I talking about? Keep an eye on the pegs on the right hand side of your screen, each move is one slot as compared with the pegs in the left which are jumping slots and are uneven. Spot the difference, the moves on the right are smoother.

Using a pegboard I can keep my moves even, keep an eye on the pegs on the right compared with the pegs on the left.

I said be patient, this is why, this video shows how many shots need to be taken to make a short movie, I’ve uploaded all 8 min but you’ll get the idea without having to watch the full length.

Take your time, this just shows how many shots need to be taken but don’t let that discourage you – once you get in on it it’s hard to stop.

Here’s a quick project…

Its Father’s Day Soon – how about a Father’s day message?

  1. Markers

  2. Wire (I wanted to build a frame that I could stay inside without having to check the phone each time.)

  3. Toys, not mine… ok, ok – they’re mine

  4. It took 30min from begin to end BUT don’t watch the clock, it will take away from the fun!

This is something you can start straight away, show us your work – finished or unfinished! You can tweet us on twitter @makermeetie use the hashtags: #MakerMeetie #stopmotion to show us your project.

Share your projects with us, we’d love to see your work!

Much to the delight of my colleagues this isn’t the end, I have a few more ideas I will try out – so if you have an idea you would like me to – let me know!

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