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With Engineers Week 2024 on the horizon, what activities do you have planned for your students?


Makermeet’s suite of mind-activating and creatively-empowering workshops can intuitively connect the “How?” with the “Why?” to inspire our next generation of builders, makers, and do-ers.

Electrical Engineering

Batteries, switches, LEDs! We make Circuitry Simple with an array of electronic engineering workshops to suit every ability level. We use approachable materials like Card, Clips, Fruit, and Paper to simplify the introduction to concepts like Current, Polarity, Coductivity, and more.

Charge your students with potential today!


Civil Engineering

Building houses, bridges, practical structures of all kinds... not all Engineering is nuts-and-bolts - some requires large-scale thinking!

We run Design A Town workshops that get students thinking about community needs, environmental requirements, and infrastructure planning.



Mechanical Engineering

Our Structural and Mechanical Engineering workshops provide a strong foundation for understanding the distribution of force and weight as we build. We test the surprising strength of materials like tissue, paper, cardboard, and pencils - introducing concepts like tension, compression, rigidity, and torsion. We construct geodesic domes, bridges made from sticks, and we rapid-prototype vehicals and contraptions in cardboard.


Software Engineering

Coding is an essential skill in modern life, and our workshops introduce students to coding using easy-to-interpret methods with immediate results.

Students will grapple with machine logic and code-flow without even realising it as they make robots move or characters run.


MakerMeet IE are delighted to once again collaborate on a series of architectural workshops designed specifically for the younger generation.


These hands-on workshops will allow participants the opportunity to experience professional Maker-led, S.T.E.A.M.-based workshops and get to explore planning and building their own architectural structures!

We're still nailing down which workshops we'll do on what dates, so check back here soon to find out.

Please note that all workshops are FREE and places are limited, so early booking is essential!

Friday  29th September 2023   |   Venue: Listowel Library

Construct a Ginormous Geodesic Dome
>   Time: 11.30-13.00     >   Ages: 9+ only
Join MakerMeet and help build a VERY large Geodesic Dome. All materials are provided and all participants will have to do is click spars into place as the dome raises to almost 10 feet high and 20 feet in diameter!
Note: Workshop limited to 20 participants


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Saturday 29th September 2023  |  Venue: Killorglin Library

Make a Town!
>   Time: 10.00-11.30     >   Ages: 8+ only
Join us to plan, design, make and keep your own town! Construct buildings, make roads and paths, cut, colour and create each building and put them into your town layout! Take home your town and add Lego®, cars, figurines and more! All materials are supplied and participants will take home their own towns.
Note: Workshop limited to 15 participants


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Saturday 29th September 2023 | Venue: Caherciveen Library

Make a Colossal Cardboard Creation
>   Time: 14.00-15.30     >   Ages: 8+ only
Join us to make and build as large a building as we can - just using cardboard. We will use specially designed “Scrus” for cardboard which are “small hand” friendly. Join us to see how high and big we can go!
Note: Workshop limited to 30 participants


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